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  • A new type of transformer of 1500 kVA EODTSNSH-4000/10 was manufactured and shipped for the needs of the branch of the State Corporation «Rosatom»
  • The model of the transformer type ETTSNVR-31500/10 with the capacity of 22 kVA was developed for JSC «Serov Ferroalloy Plant»
  • Getting to manufacture new furnace transformers type ETTSNVR-11000 / 6 and the capacity of 8500 kVA and ETTSNVR-12000 / 6 with the capacity of 9000 kW for ore-smelting furnaces with the holding capacity from 6 to 10 tons for the needs of LLC «MC» SGMK»
  • We began to manufacture electro furnace transformer EOTSNVR-12500/10 with the capacity of 7500 kVA for JSC «Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant» and with the capacity of 9200 kW for JSC «Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant»
  • Our company developed and started production of transformer ETTSN-26500/35 with the capacity of 20 000 kVA for JSC «Electrosteel Heavy Machine Building Plant»
  • We developed and began manufacturing power transformer ETTSNR-10000/10 with the capacity 7000 kVA for JSC «Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plant»
  • We made coils for JSC «TNK Kazchrome» for the power transformer TDNGU-80000/110
  • Our company started production of current-limiting reactors type RTOS and RTST for rated currents from 400 A to 6000 A.
  • We mastered the repair of traction transformers ONDTSE-5700/25 and ONDTSE-4350/25 for the needs of electric locomotive and EP1 2ES5K («Ermak») respectively.
  • Development of a new ETTsPK-7500/10 electric-furnace transformer for steel furnaces with the capacity of 6 to 10 tons for machine-building industry needs.
  • Development of EOTsNR-14300/10 transformer model having a 10,000 kVA capacity and increased voltage efficiency (225-230 V).
  • Development of ETTsP-10000/10 ore heating furnace transformer with the increased capacity of up to 7,600 kVA.
  • Launch of manufacturing a new type of EOTsNK-16000/10 transformers for re heating furnaces of metallurgical industry.
  • Modernization of EOTsN-8200/10 transformers in order to increase the volumes of iron-bearing alloy smelting and ore heating furnace capacity.
  • The Company changes its name to â Electrical Machines JSC.
  • Odernization of ETCP transformers with the capacity of 38 MVA in order to increase their capacity and subsequent increase of nickel smelting volumes for Pechenganikel JSC (Murmansk region) needs.
  • Development of overhaul of SKODA SL traction transformers for ChS-4 locomotives with winding renewal.
  • Modernization of ODTsE-5000/25 traction-feeding transformers with the installation of heating winding for the rolling-stock of the Ministry of railways.
  • Setting-up of mobile teams for I- to IV-dimensional transformer MRO at their place of installation.
  • Modernization of ETTs and TTsTN furnace transformers with the capacity of 45 MVA for metallurgical industry with the purpose of increasing the capacity without changing transformer dimensions.
  • Modernization of EOTsNS furnace transformers with the capacity of 30 MVA for chemical industry with the purpose of increasing HV winding dynamical stability.
  • Modernization of OTsR 2800/10 traction-feeding transformers for open-cast electric locomotives of mineral resource industry by changing the high-voltage winding voltage.
  • Construction of a workshop repairing load-lifting electric solenoids. Development of repair process of electromagnets with the load-carrying capacity of up to 30 tons.
  • On the 18th of March, the Ministry of power engineering and electrification of the USSR has issued an order ¹ 57 demanding to organize the «Remtransformator» plant for the purpose of increasing the operational reliability of power supply units of up to 300,000 kW and securing the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of high-capacity power transformers.
  • The first transformer AODTsTG-135000/500 was repaired in November, with the change of winding è active part removal.
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