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Electric-furnace transformers
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Regarding our experience in repairing and upgrading of transformers since 2006, our company started to design and manufacture electric-furnace transformers for the metallurgical and engineering industries. The company develops and manufactures electric-furnace transformers frame III-IV. Transformers are made individually for the customer, according to his specifications. For nearly five years of production electric-furnace transformers with the total capacity 265.8 MVA have been designed.

Our equipment offered for electric furnaces

Type of furnace Range of rated power of a transformer (kVA)
Arc furnace 1250 - 80000
Ore-smelting furnace One-phase Three-phase
4000 - 15000 7000 - 29000
Induction furnace 7100
Electroslag remelting furnace 1000 - 2000
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