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The products of the company «Electrical Machines» JSC are electric-furnace transformers for arc-furnaces, ore-smelting, induction furnaces and electroslag remelting furnaces.

Our transformers can be called exclusive because they are made according to the specific needs of our customers. Since 2006, switching devices of the company «MR» have been installed on the transformers. The company «Electrical Machines» is officially authorized by LLC «MR» to submit offers for the supply and to supply equipment manufactured by «Maschinenfabrik GmbH Rheinhausen» («MR»). The equipment supplied by the company «Electrical Machines» is subject to all factory warranties and technical specifications of the manufacturer.

Also, the company produces dry current limiting reactors. The design department has developed its own proprietary design of the reactor which has a high strength, dynamic stability, heat resistance and durability.

The production of coils and components to the transformer is one of the oldest activities of the company. The production capacity of the company "Electrical Machines" allows manufacturing coils for transformers and reactors with voltage class up to 220 kW and and capacity of 200 thousand kVA inclusive. To improve the quality of products the company regularly updates the processing equipment. In 2011 we started up a new winding plant.

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