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For decades of work, we have gained experience MRO of transformer of different makes, capacities and purposes. It is reflected in the next, more complicated type of MRO work modernization.

Modernization types:

  • transformer electromagnetic calculation with the modification of electric parameters;
  • replacement of the old switching device by the modern one;
  • partial or full replacement of the transformer core;
  • modification of the transformer windings design.

Transformer modernization benefits:

  • on site transformer modernization allows to cut transportation and delivery costs;
  • capacity increase without altering transformer sizes;
  • no need for transformer bay retrofitting;
  • new switching device allows to increase the transformer work reliability, to cut maintenance costs;
  • copper windings allow to achieve the dynamic environmental stability;
  • core replacement allows to reduce idling losses by 30 %..

Latest transformer modernization projects

Types of transformers modernized Effect
Before After
EOTsN-8200/10 EOTsNK-16000/10 Capacity increase to 70%,
cos φ coefficient increase to 0,95
EOTsN-8200/10 EOTsN-10530/10
ETTsP-13500/10 ETTsP-17000/10
ETTsNK-40000/35 ETTsNK-52500/35
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