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The more complicated task is the retrofitting with retention of all parameters, but aimed at elimination of all drawbacks detected in operation: dynamic stability increase of the, cooling system improvement, the electrical strength, etc.

Retrofitting types:

  • transformer dynamic overload resistance increase;
  • the optimization tank-to-bay connection design;
  • use of more effective switching mechanisms (SD);
  • transformer serviceability.

Transformer retrofitting benefits:

  • reduction technical maintenance costs;
  • increase of operation time between the scheduled maintenance.

Latest transformer retrofitting projects

Type Result achieved
EOTsNR-12500/10 Winding design modification for load capability improvement
EODTsNK-27000/10 Tank design modification, with the use of Reinhausen SD
ETTsPK-6300/10 Winding design modification for serviceability improvement
TRDTsN-160000/220 Winding design modification for dynamic stability
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