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Transformer MRO
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Transformer MROElectrical Machines JSC services:

  • power transformers and autotransformers (ATDTsTN, AODTsTN, TDTN, TRDNS, TDTs, TMN, TM of up to 220 kV voltage class);
  • electrical furnace transformers (ETTsP, ETTsNK, EOMP, EOTsN, EODTsNK, ETTsH, ETTsN of up to 110 kV voltage class);
  • transformers for electro motives and railways electrification (ODTsE-5000/25, ONDTsE-5700/25, ONDTsE-10000/25, OTsR-5000/25, OTsR-5600/25, Skoda, TMZh, TDTNZh).

Types of work performed:

  • transformer diagnostics;
  • midlife repair without winding change;
  • overhaul with the partial and full winding change.
Transformer MRO Transformer MRO Transformer MRO
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